Monday, July 11, 2011

Making Kites

It was a cold rainy Monday. On Monday afternoon we went to the Saint Pius hall to make kites. We took colours to the hall and we went in the hall and sat down on the floor and listened to this person. She was talking about making kites, we saw this big kite that they made out of bambo sticks and they told us to make a big circle but we had to make it in classes. The people around us had to come with paper and they came with some string and two sticks. The girls came and helped us make a kite. After we made a kite we had to colour in our kite. After that we had to stop and the girl said we had to hve a fly with our kite outside, but it was raining so we flew it in the hall. We did it by the rooms the boys from room 6 went to the other side and we had to wait while the room 6 girls went and the boys had to go last.

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