Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Manaiakalani film festival

I think this movie is cool because it inspired me to never give up.

This is their movie "Perseverance"

Thursday, September 27, 2012


Bryan Habana broke the world record. He is crying in the middle of the javelin field.
His fans cheer him on as he goes to his changing room. There are other events happening but he kneels down and prays to the lord.

All of Bryan Habana’s hard work and training paid off. All his fans are proud of him. Bryan Habana made South Africa proud but is especially proud of his achievements.

Epic Win

Welcome to the awesome London Olympic 2012. We are seconds away from the best race on the planet. As always the South Africans are counting on bryan habana to bring home the gold medal.

We are five seconds away from the best race now 5 4 3 2 1 the stadium is jam packed I think there is no more seats left in the stadium.

The official pulled the trigger and the bullet went up into the air.We are under way with the mens race Bryan habana had a good start but Usain Bolt was catching up. Bryan Habana breath through his nose and out his mouth and he pumped his legs. Bryan Habana just won by an inch what a EPIC WIN.

Bryan Habana broke the world record. When he got off the track he kneeled down and tears of joy came streaming out of his eyes.

Bryan Habana had the most thrilling party on the planet. all his happy friends and excited family members came to the party.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

About me

We have been learning about personal and private information online and how we present ourselves online. 

My name is Samiu and I am a Tongan boy and I live in Auckland. I like listening to music and I also like having fun. My favourite sport is rugby. I go to Saint Pius X School and I am working towards being a self managing learner. I enjoy watching Step Up 4 Miami Heat. My favourite music is reggae. My favorite song is Don't Worry by Bob Marley. My favourite book is Captain Underpants by Dav Pilkey.

Friday, August 17, 2012

Valerie Adams

Valerie Adams is a shot putter from New Zealand representing New Zealand at the 2012  London Olympic games. Valerie Adams was born in October 1984.

Valerie Adams is a three time world champion with her personal best throw of 21.24 meters.
Valerie Adams has won 2 Golds at the past Olympic games.

Valerie Adams  is one of the best Olympic athlete at the 2012 olympic games. I am proud of Valerie Adams because she is a Tongan and not a lot of Tongan people get picked to go to the Olympics. Valerie Adams is one of the most successful shot putters ever.

My Holiday.

On a rainy Saturday I had to go to my rugby and I felt sick that we had to play in the rain. My coach picked me up from my house we went to the rugby field. We started to warm up by going for a run around the field.

“One minute till the game”,  said the referee and we gathered in a circle and the captain said, “ Marist on three one two three Marist!”. We lined up half way and we ran onto the field. The game started - Pakuranga Holden kicked off to us. They had a good start and they got a try. So we kicked off and we got the ball. It was a ruck and I was on the blind side. They passed the ball to me and I ran down the field and got a try. Then we were leading 7 to 5 they kicked to us. I had another run and this time I ran half way down the field.  My team mate Mafie ran past the whole team like they were not there, then our kicker converted the kick and the score was 14 to 5. The whistle went, it was half time. We had a break and had some mandarins. We had to have a drink and take a break.

The second half started we kicked off to the Pakuranga Holdens my team mate Mafie did high tackle. He was angry then the same person got high tackled again. The referee said, “Send the player off.” He said “Ooooohhhh no! He is one of our best players” “We just have to play without him,” I said. Then they got a try and the score was 10 to 14. We were leading them before we knew it they got another try then I had to go off and have a break. My mum said to have a break and support our team. There was ONE MORE MINUTE LEFT and I got put on. The score was 21-14 to Pakuranga. We need two try’s. They kicked off to us, my team mate passed it to me and I ran off and got a try. Then the whistle went. We had lost but it was a close game.

My mum said I had a good game. Later on my mum and my dad went to Sylvia Park and they got me a XBox game.    

Friday, August 10, 2012

An Olympic Event! Handball

Handball is an Olympic game that is played all over the world. The key to playing handball is speed, skill and stamina.

Handball was invented in Denmark, Sweden and Germany in the late 19th century. The sport first appeared at the Berlin games in 1936. The modern indoor version made its first appearance in Munich in 1972.

Handball is played on a court that is, 40m long and 20m wide. The goals at either end are 3m wide and 2m high. The court is divided into two halves with each goal surrounded by two d shaped areas.

Because of all the handball research that has been done handball is now considered to be one of the oldest Olympic sport.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

A interesting trip to the 1800’s

On a nice sunny day Saint Pius X senior students went on a trip to Howick Historical Village, to experience how life was in the 1800’s. When we walked down the hill we saw two buses waiting for all of the students to get in the bus, then we took off to Howick Historical village. As soon as we got there the frist thing we saw was the back of a house, then we got out of the bus and walked to the front of the house. We all saw 3 women dressed up like they were in the 1800’s. When we got there we had morning tea before we could get to our activity.

Room 6’s first activity was games - not just any kind of games but games from the 1800’s. A nice lady named Mrs Dodds showed room 6 the way to a house where we played the games. Then we got to the games we played a game with a rope, we had to put the rope over our neck and bring it down to our feet. Then we played another game where we had to play with a ball but we could not touch it with our hands it was very funny. My favourite game was squeaky pig squeaky because it was funny how the pig had to squeak.

After that we went to school, I was very afraid because I heard that if you do something wrong you are going to get a smack. A lady named Mrs Mills took us for the lesson Mrs Mills said “you do not talk unless I tell you to” At that point I got more scared. We went into the classroom and when we got inside the class the girls had to curtsy and the boys had to bowl when we said good morning. When we got into the class we saw the desks They were made out of wood and we were going to sit on them. We sat down and we had to listen to the teacher or else there would be consequences. The consequences were you get a smack on the hand and i did not want to get a smack. We had to write the same as the teacher so we started writing and some people wrote with their left hand, but in the 1800’s you were not allowed to write with your left hand. Mrs Mills was going to tie our left hand behind us. Next we had a spelling bee with boys vs girls. It was a lot of fun but at the end the grils had won.

Later on room 6 had to go to their other activity. It was to build a trolley. mrs White took us to a house and we were put into four groups as soon as we were settled down we had to build the trolley as fast as we can. My group started and we were the first one to finished the trolley. Mrs Moodle said that my group was one of the best working team.

When we finished we had lunch then room 6 had to go on a tour around Howick Historical village we were split into to two groups I was with mrs moodley there were a whole bunch of people with mrs Moodle, mrs Moodle said “sadly these are the people that can't manage their self” and so we went around Howick Historical Village we took photos it was a nice day for a trip.

It was a very very fun day for all of Saint Pius X senior students to experience how life was in the 1800’s.

This term we have been learning about the past, present and the future.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Last term we were learning about rubbish and how it effects our world.