Thursday, September 27, 2012

Epic Win

Welcome to the awesome London Olympic 2012. We are seconds away from the best race on the planet. As always the South Africans are counting on bryan habana to bring home the gold medal.

We are five seconds away from the best race now 5 4 3 2 1 the stadium is jam packed I think there is no more seats left in the stadium.

The official pulled the trigger and the bullet went up into the air.We are under way with the mens race Bryan habana had a good start but Usain Bolt was catching up. Bryan Habana breath through his nose and out his mouth and he pumped his legs. Bryan Habana just won by an inch what a EPIC WIN.

Bryan Habana broke the world record. When he got off the track he kneeled down and tears of joy came streaming out of his eyes.

Bryan Habana had the most thrilling party on the planet. all his happy friends and excited family members came to the party.

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