Friday, August 17, 2012

My Holiday.

On a rainy Saturday I had to go to my rugby and I felt sick that we had to play in the rain. My coach picked me up from my house we went to the rugby field. We started to warm up by going for a run around the field.

“One minute till the game”,  said the referee and we gathered in a circle and the captain said, “ Marist on three one two three Marist!”. We lined up half way and we ran onto the field. The game started - Pakuranga Holden kicked off to us. They had a good start and they got a try. So we kicked off and we got the ball. It was a ruck and I was on the blind side. They passed the ball to me and I ran down the field and got a try. Then we were leading 7 to 5 they kicked to us. I had another run and this time I ran half way down the field.  My team mate Mafie ran past the whole team like they were not there, then our kicker converted the kick and the score was 14 to 5. The whistle went, it was half time. We had a break and had some mandarins. We had to have a drink and take a break.

The second half started we kicked off to the Pakuranga Holdens my team mate Mafie did high tackle. He was angry then the same person got high tackled again. The referee said, “Send the player off.” He said “Ooooohhhh no! He is one of our best players” “We just have to play without him,” I said. Then they got a try and the score was 10 to 14. We were leading them before we knew it they got another try then I had to go off and have a break. My mum said to have a break and support our team. There was ONE MORE MINUTE LEFT and I got put on. The score was 21-14 to Pakuranga. We need two try’s. They kicked off to us, my team mate passed it to me and I ran off and got a try. Then the whistle went. We had lost but it was a close game.

My mum said I had a good game. Later on my mum and my dad went to Sylvia Park and they got me a XBox game.    

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  1. Hi Samiu, I liked how you have you have set the scene.
    I loved How you have put the full stops and the captil letter's.

    Next time use lots more of great words.