Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Swimming Pool

On Monday we went to go to the swimming pool we had to get changed before we went to the swimming pool. After we got changed we had to sit on the mat then we went to the swimming pool. When we went in the swimming pool we washed our feet in a bucket I was the first one to get in the pool. When I got in the pool I went under the water. We had Lessons on how to float and how to float like a starfish. After our lessons we got free time we had to get out of the swimming pool then the other people came.

my cool holiday

In my holidays I went to my cousin’s house and we played games. We went to buy a game the game was Rugby League 2, we came back and we played it. Then my cousin came to my other cousin’s house, we all played Rugby League 2. After that I got bored of it and I went outside to see who was playing outside noone was playing outside. Then I came back inside to play with my cousin. We played rugby with a teddy bear he hit me on the floor, it hurt alot. After that we watched TV we watched the holiday movie I liked it. At night we went to the garage to watch a DVD. In the morning I went home with my cousin, we played games all night and the next day he went home and I bought a game called NBA Jam. On Sunday I played games all day. then I went to sleep for school.I had a cool holiday.
By Samiu