Monday, September 26, 2011


The wemmick were made by the same wemmick maker, Eli. One day there were wemmicks who had dots and stars, some people had stars all over them. One day Punchinello tried to jump high like the other people but he fell so many times and he got lots of dots and after that he would say something silly and some people would give him a dot for no reason.

One day he walked passed a girl who had no dots or stars, he went to the girl and asked “Why
don’t you have any dots or stars?” The girl said “Why don't you go to Eli and find out.” Punchinello went to see Eli. Eli said “Come Punchinello, you look like you have lots of marks.” “Why don’t the stickers stick on Lucia?” Punchinello asked. “It is because the dots and stars don’t mean anything to her. What matters to Lucia is how much I love her.” Eli said.
When Punchinello left Eli’s a dot fell off him because he knew that Eli loved him. Punchinello will go back and see Eli again.

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